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  • Welcome to the new and improved Voice website!

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The original cast of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” at the 20th anniversary.

The Slayer might return

September 19, 2019

Sir Darryl Farris, aka SiR, from Ingelwood, California.

Rocky’s Culture Corner

September 19, 2019


Mitchell Baltosser, A&E Writer

September 19, 2019

We here at Cine-Men like to talk about a combination of films. Both old and new, well known and obscure. Well, today we are going to talk about a cult-classic that everyone that considers themselves a fan of horror and science...

Shintaro Katsu, who starred as Zatoichi, played the character for 27 years.

Cine-Men: Tales of Zatoichi

September 12, 2019

Lil Dicky singer of

Artistry and activism

September 5, 2019

Tom Holland, current Spiderman, at Comic-Con.

Spiderman: Far From The MCU

September 5, 2019

Madonna during her Rebel Heart Tour, 2015.

The Worldly Madame X

September 5, 2019

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