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  • Welcome to the new and improved Voice website!

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Midsemester blues

Gabrielle Reyes, Features Editor

March 21, 2019

It’s about that time in the semester when we become fatigued and unmotivated to do any work. We are all waiting for the summer to arrive and classes to be over while we must study for exams and do our homework.  All we want to do is hang out and sleep, but duty calls. We asked some Huskies if th...

the horny husky: Sex toys will make you go bananas

March 1, 2019

Self-stimulation and pleasure are important parts of figuring out what sexually satisfies you. You may use sex toys to do so. But it also healthy to introduce sex toys into the bedroom with your partner.We asked our Huskies on our Instagram @BUVoice whether they are into sex toys or not. The results showed...

The horny husky: Have sex, period.

March 1, 2019

In past Horny Husky editions, we have discussed period sex. However, we feel the need to bring up this topic again to discuss more in depths of everything involving period sex.Period sex is what is sounds like; having sex while on your period. This is a topic with many mixed feelings and opinions. Periods ...

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