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Mail-in ballots aren’t fraudulent

Kristin Boyles, Growl Editor

October 15, 2020

After finally receiving my mail-in ballot, I’ve filled it out and am now just waiting to go drop it off. While there has been a lot of controversy around mail-in ballots, it has traditionally been a relatively fraud-free system,...

Hypnotized by Trump

Abigail Prichett, Assistant Growl Editor

October 10, 2020

Trump supporters: a cult-like base of conservatively minded people who need everyone to know that they absolutely adore Trump. During these past few months, I’ve seen an uptick in rusted pick-up trucks with Trump flags wa...

Battle for The Supreme Seat

Steven Valanoski, Reporter

October 8, 2020

The Supreme Court is the highest in the federal judiciary in the country. It has overall jurisdiction on all federal and state court cases. So naturally, each political party wants someone who shares their political ideology ...

Fight Night

Steven Valanoski, Reporter

October 1, 2020

The first Presidential debate is over. What a debate it was. This might have been one of the most heated debates in recent memory. We have another four more debates to go, and by the look of things, we have more trash talk to...

It’s time: legalize marijuana

Abigail Prichett, Assistant Growl Editor

September 29, 2020

Marijuana: a fairly well-known substance in our country, and a very well-known substance among college students. Marijuana, commonly called weed, is a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant used both medically and recreati...

Republicans, vote Joe this election

Kristin Boyles, Growl Editor

September 24, 2020

Voting for Joe Biden isn’t the “socialist, democracy-ruining agenda” you think it is. Conservatives and Republicans often look at Joe Biden as the face of the downfall of our nation when, in reality, the U.S. might as well...

BU Athletes Subjected to COVID-19 Ramifications

Emily Clauss, News Editor

September 21, 2020

Bloomsburg University made the questionable decision to have students return to campus this fall. Unfortunately, this choice led to several students contracting Covid-19, including me. Despite the social distancing and mask...

Sunday Connections

N.L., Contributing Writer

September 15, 2020

My whole life I’ve been a loser. But then in 2017 we took the whole thing. Sometime in the midst of that twelve months I signed myself up to the “official” Philadelphia Eagles season ticket registry, so I could rightfully...

Essential workers should be treated essentially

Abigail Prichett, Assistant Growl Editor

September 15, 2020

During this worldwide pandemic, many people are staying inside and limiting their contact with others, but essential workers don’t have that option. They are the backbone of our society and this hellish year has only proven...

Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” is the Future of Marketing

Sabin Laskoski, Op/Ed Columnist

September 11, 2020

Technology companies have long sought methods to showcase their products’ technology. Many of these companies rely on brief, intense advertisements that do nothing more than highlight the product’s designs and features. Apple,...

Healthy Living in 2020

Abigail Prichett, Assistant Growl Editor

September 1, 2020

To say that this year has been a crapshoot is definitely an understatement. With a worldwide pandemic, an upcoming election, the murders of numerous POC by the police, and the possible ends of both TikTok and the USPS at the hands...

This Week in History

Tristan Dzoch, BU History Club

August 31, 2020

With many social events being cancelled or restricted due to COVID-19 concerns, it may be interesting to discuss a time when around 500,000 young people traveled to a small town in New York to promote “3 days of peace and music.” Woodstock...

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