Being smart this Holiday Season

Talking about sex to friends and all the things great about it is an activity on all of campus’ mind 95% of the time. It  is an intriguing topic, but some people take advantage of this CONSENSUAL activity! 

On Saturday November 2nd at 9:35 A.M. the campus received a BU SafetyAlert that said, “Female Student abducted, sexually assaulted by two masked men in gray Honda, upper campus,”.

 Waking up to that message having read the first sentence was skin tightening. It gave me goosebumps to think that awful act happened here at the university I attend. The rest of the message said, “approx. 2am.,11/2. Call BUPD if you see suspicious acts.”   

It has been about 3 weeks since the incident and nothing further has come out about this shocking assault. After doing some research, I have found no followed-up resolution online. I even asked about 50 or so husky’s if they have heard anything further about the incident and all said no. These men in masks were not caught which is another unsettling feeling as well.  

Many upsetting things happen to people on campus and it goes unreported. I have heard and know too many people with stories of uncomfortable situations on this campus. If you scroll through the text messages that all BU students receive from the university, we haven’t gotten one like the concerning one from November 2nd in over a semester. 

The last text was from December 14th, 2017 and it was a sexual assault on campus. Knowing that is was on-campus as well is even more disturbing. Just because we aren’t getting notified doesn’t mean it isn’t still happening. We should know what is happening on our campus and how it effects all of us. Please don’t be afraid to speak up even though it can be a tough situation, everyone deserves their justice and peace. 

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Mind you the day before thanksgiving is known as “the biggest drinking day of the year”, I want to stress safety to all my horny huskies in my article for this week. I know we like to get rowdy but let’s remember that not everyone in this world is our friend and has our best intentions in mind. 

Being drunk is never an excuse to take advantage of someone’s body for your own personal pleasure. Planning to take advantage of someone’s body is wrong in so many ways and can leave long-lasting mental trauma with that person. 

Never take advantage of someone else  regardless of intoxication, clothing choice, or anything! It can’t be justified. This topic is upsetting because sex is meant for pleasure and the connection of two bodies, not just the pleasure of one. It should always be consensual and have communication to make sure both individuals are comfortable and satisfied.   

If you decide you want to go home for the night with someone, send a close friend or relative your location once you arrive and when you’re leaving. Also, like everyone always says, do not leave your drink unattended! And don’t put stuff in people’s drinks! 

All actions have consequences, and no one is invincible. Get drunk responsibly this Thanksgiving Eve and look out for those you care for. Stay safe at the bars or at any shindigs and eat lots of food! Ne safe and stay horny, huskies.