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Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) is the largest pro-liberty organization on college campuses across the country. YAL was formed with the goal of harnessing the youth movement present during Ron Paul’s presidential campaign of 2008.

 The focus of the organization is to promote and educate students on the values of liberty and personal responsibility. Issues that YAL tackles include the freedom of speech, illegal foreign wars, and the Fourth Amendment. An important aspect of YAL is that the organization is nonpartisan, being open to any party or ideology.

The group is libertarian, which is a wide-ranging philosophy, but is rooted in the values expressed in the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution. YAL tries to challenge preconceived notions and hold activism events to create a dialogue.

Young Americans for Liberty has a fair amount of achievements to boast about. It has enlisted over 980,000 students across the country, removed unconstitutional speech codes from 50 universities, and helped candidates who believe in the principles of liberty get elected.

This past winter marked a year since the “Win at the Door” was started, which helps candidates for local office get elected, with the goal of electing 2500 state legislators by 2022. So far, “Win at the Door” has won 37 races, defending the freedoms Americans hold dear.

It is now returning to Bloomsburg University after a brief absence. I would like to share a little bit about myself and my political beliefs. I decided to become President of this chapter because I believe in the Constitution and the freedoms outlined therein. There is no better document to guide the country and policies enacted than our founding writings.

They were crafted from thousands of years of careful thought and practice. I believe man, and government which is made of men, are easily corruptible. James Madison said in Federalist 51, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary.”

Therefore, it should be small, limited, and carefully balanced. This will then leave room for other important aspects of society, like churches and businesses, to be beneficial forces for society. Government is but a necessary evil that must be run efficiently to maintain peace and prosperity.

We as citizens of this country should know our rights and liberties to not understand that wonderful country we live and appreciate the sacrifices made to protect it, but also to ensure they are not eroded, lost, or snatched away.

I would like to see a return to what makes our country great and our government run well. Unconstitutional laws and practices stricken from the books and halls of governance. The Bill of Rights defended and protected. Unnecessary spending and wars terminated. A spirit of nonpartisanship and civility to arise.

This semester, our hopes for the chapter of YAL at Bloomsburg is have our activism events, like our Restore the 4th, Ax the Tax, Visualize the Debt and Civil Liberties Graveyard, among others. We would also like to bring awareness to other liberty issues that YAL doesn’t cover, like Convention of States and the federal bureaucracy. The current tentative meeting dates are Mondays and Wednesdays, 6 p.m. in Kehr Union Building.