First BloomU NAACP Pageant crowns a winner

Jess Barnett, News Editor

  The Miss NAACP pageant is an event that is held at different universities across the nation. This is the first semester that it has come to BU’s campus. The NAACP says, “We thought it would be a good idea to have our first pageant to be recognized as an organization.

“The reason why having our first pageant was so important to us is because this was an opportunity to spread awareness about our organization and what it stands for. Women’s empowerment was the message that centralized throughout the pageant and that is another reason why this event was so special to us,” members of the NAACP comment.

The pageant was split into different parts. First there were formal introductions, and this is when the contestants would state their name, major, etc. to the judges and the audience. “We believe that professionalism is important so we had the contestants wear business attire to lead into the next scene of empowering women of history.”

    This is where the contestants would talk about change makers in history, and what women they found inspiring. After this part came the “national issues segment,” in which everyone talked about a problem they found important to America. The pageant ended with questions from the judges related to the NAACP, national issues and more.

     There were a total of five contestants who participated in this pageant. Juameeka Sheridan, T. Clark Hermon Gebriel, Talia Slater, and Rebecca Asaoli who was the winner this year. Rebecca’s role as the first Miss NAACP is being the liaison of the organization This winner was picked based on preparedness, answers to questions, and more.