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2022-2023 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Anna Watson Editor-In-Chief See Anna Watson’s profile
See Anna Watson’s profile
Ashley Barnett Managing Editor of Howl & Growl See Ashley Barnett’s profile
See Ashley Barnett’s profile
Sydney Stokes Managing Editor of News & Sports See Sydney Stokes’s profile
See Sydney Stokes’s profile
Nicole DeStefano Digital Editor See Nicole DeStefano’s profile
See Nicole DeStefano’s profile
Lenna Kidd News Editor See Lenna Kidd’s profile
See Lenna Kidd’s profile
Jack Dixon Sports Editor See Jack Dixon’s profile
See Jack Dixon’s profile
Carly Busfield Howl Editor See Carly Busfield’s profile
See Carly Busfield’s profile
Sophie Davenport Growl Editor See Sophie Davenport’s profile
See Sophie Davenport’s profile
Sharon Kulik Assistant Growl Editor See Sharon Kulik’s profile
See Sharon Kulik’s profile
Eliza Nevis Photo Editor See Eliza Nevis’s profile
See Eliza Nevis’s profile
Gage Dabulis Design Editor See Gage Dabulis’s profile
See Gage Dabulis’s profile
Toron James Sports Reporter See Toron James’s profile
See Toron James’s profile
Regina Schroeder Sports Reporter/Photographer See Regina Schroeder’s profile
See Regina Schroeder’s profile
Cody Wallen Reporter See Cody Wallen’s profile
See Cody Wallen’s profile
Justin Talington Reporter See Justin Talington’s profile
See Justin Talington’s profile
Caleb Brown Reporter See Caleb Brown’s profile
See Caleb Brown’s profile
Sarah Devitz Columnist See Sarah Devitz’s profile
See Sarah Devitz’s profile
Nicholas Spallone Advertising/Business Director See Nicholas Spallone’s profile
See Nicholas Spallone’s profile
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