A trip to the sex shop “Learning about the infamous Kegels”

Towards the end of my summer back at home, a couple friends and I headed to a local sex shop. I thought the idea was fun, but pondered in my head what I might want to purchase. 

Upon arrival, we entered an almost deserted parking lot in a shopping center. We pull up to a building with a neon sign lit up saying, “Spice2Nite”. The name gave us a nice little laugh before we got out of the car and went in. 

My friends were interested in buying some dildos, but they can be pricey; anywhere from $40 to $100, if you want a nice one. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that investment mentally or financially yet. “When I return home for breaks and such, where would I hide it?”, I thought to myself.  

They picked which one seemed to be the best fit for them and then we explored the store. Gazing past floggers, vaginal/anal silicon fists, sex games, lingerie, and a whole unit of various adult films in the back. Sex shops are an interesting place because they really make you wonder what people wander in here to purchase. 

I came to this shop with the intentions of buying something, but nothing had stuck out to me yet. The workers at the establishment were very friendly and down to earth. One staff member wearing a black, star-cross around the chest bralette and nipple piercings slightly peeking through approached me to ask if I was finding everything okay.

 One item that had crossed my mind, but I had yet to see around the store, was Kegels. For those unaware of what a Kegel is, it is a small circular weight that is inserted into the vagina for the purpose of strengthening the pelvic floor. It is basically just an exercise for your vagina. They can also be used anally.

 She directed me to the isle I had passed through multiple times, but I am oblivious and not surprised I hadn’t seen them before. I was full of questions because I am a first-time user and was given a mini lesson that I found both helpful and educating. 

The first ones I looked at were raging in prices of $60 to almost $130. These brands had various weights and sizes with detachable strings, but once again I wasn’t ready to drop that much money. I simply asked, “What are my cheapest and best quality options?” 

She looked over the selection and pulled out a pack of two purple balls that were labeled as a starter kit. These were $15, which was right at my price range and experience level. I evaluated the box and my first worry was that these Kegels did not come with a string for an easier removal process. 

The worker reassured me that every vagina has a vaginal wall, therefore the ball cannot go up any further and get stuck, you just need to relax and push the ball out naturally or with a clean finger.  

Kegels are rumored to only be useful to older women and women post child birth. They are beneficial to more than just this demographic. Since Kegels are an exercise and your vagina is a muscle, that muscle can only get stronger with exercise like any other muscle in the body.

Another misconception about Kegels is that you can just put them in and go on with your day. I was informed that you are only supposed to do them for about five to ten minutes, while flexing and relaxing your pelvic wall. 

You should start with the largest weight and size and work your way down to the smaller ones. They are easiest to be entered when lube is applied. The best outcome I learned about Kegels is that they can increase a women’s vaginal orgasm by up to 95%. 

I was sold on my decision and made my way to the checkout confident and pleased by the help I was given. I picked up some CBD water-based lube on my way out as well. What a trip!