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  • Welcome to the new and improved Voice website!

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BU Athletes Subjected to COVID-19 Ramifications

Emily Clauss, News Editor

September 21, 2020

Bloomsburg University made the questionable decision to have students return to campus this fall. Unfortunately, this choice led to several students contracting Covid-19, including me. Despite the social distancing and mask...

BloomU’s Plans for Future Integration

Matthew Poust

September 18, 2020

A campus wide email sent out by Dr. Hanna Wednesday morning entails that Bloomsburg has made a decision to integrate with Lock Haven and Mansfield University in the near future. These initial plans for integration were formed...

No Vaccine Yet

Steven Valanoski, Reporter

September 18, 2020

While most Americans sit around wearing their masks and try to social distance, their wait for a Covid19 vaccine may yet be a while, as it may look like we will not see one until sometime next year. During a Senate subco...

University Meets With County Commissioners to Discuss Ongoing COVID Crisis

Matthew Poust, Reporter

September 14, 2020

BLOOMSBURG - University board members met with Columbia County Commissioners in a 45-minute meeting on Friday to discuss the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.    Columbia County Commission Chairman, Chris Young, who spoke out about...

Student Petition Calls for Hanna’s Resignation

Matthew Poust, Reporter

September 14, 2020

Taylor Baker, a junior at Bloomsburg University, says that this call for resignation is in response to Hanna’s past sexual harassment allegations, and his current “gross mishandling” of the COVID crisis.    The sexual misconduct allegations against Hann...


Mirlie LaRose, Deputy News Editor

August 27, 2020

BLOOMSBURG-- According to Bloomsburg University's website, there are now 89 confirmed cases among both students and employees. Forty more students have tested positive since the last update posted August 24th. The amount of case...

New Instagram Page Reveals Racism at BloomU

Sarah Erie, Co-Editor

July 1, 2020

Police confrontations, rebel flags, microaggression; these are experiences shared by a new Instagram page, BlackatBloom, a “safe space” for Black students to report acts of racism at BloomU, anonymously. The page, created and ...

Grads Furious Over Virtual Commencement Announcement

Cameron Heilman, Digital Managing Editor

June 17, 2020

Some recent Bloomsburg University grads are fuming that they won’t get the chance to cross the stage to collect their diplomas this summer, in wake of the announcement making the 2020 graduation ceremony virtual on August eigh...

The Future of The Voice

Steven Valanoski, Reporter

June 17, 2020

Change--with so much of the world today changing, either from a pandemic or social reform, the world is changing. With that change, our voice will change as well. With new appointments to the staff as well as a new approach to...

Big Changes Ahead for 2020 – 2021 School Year

Sarah Erie, Co-Editor

June 10, 2020

Single-occupancy dorms. Zoom classrooms. No more self-service food. This is just a glimpse of what campus may look like when we return to Bloomsburg. The Fall semester will start August 17th and “will consist of two six-week s...

Bloomsburg University fraternity members caught trading racist messages on social media

Mirlie LaRose, Sarah Erie, and Emily Clauss

June 4, 2020

Members of suspended BU fraternity Acacia allegedly traded racist messages, using the n-word and swearing off permitting black members, according to a video shared on social media Wednesday morning. In the screen-recorded vide...

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