The Materialistic Nightmare of a holiday

Sierra Edwards, Asst. Op Ed Editor

     It’s February 15th, which means the holiday of love is officially over, thank god.

     Yes, I am a hater of Valentine’s Day. And to answer your next question, no it is not because I am single, which I am and I have been enjoying my single life, thank you very much. I’ve always hated Valentine’s Day, even while in a relationship. I think the whole thing is a bit useless. Why should we only celebrate our love with our significant other just one day a year? Just so we can show it off on Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook and prove that we are in a relationship and “in love?” Honestly, it seems like it can be attention seeking sometimes.

     With the overabundance of red and pink decorating local stores, heart shaped candy, stuffed bears the size of Bigfoot, the traditions of Valentine’s Day have drastically changed. Most people expect their significant other to buy them a large number of red roses, the giant teddy bear and take us out to an expensive dinner. But like most college students, we’re all pretty much broke. So why spend all this money? Again, for justification on social media so “TIFFANY” can let us know her boyfriend truly loves her because he showed up with two dozen roses and a basket full of candy that’s bigger than her head? That’s a cavity waiting to happen.

     I wouldn’t hate Valentine’s Day as much if people just stuck with the aspect of romance. People are so set on material things that we forget that this holiday is all about love. Last time I checked, love did not mean someone has to buy you an absurd amount of red and pink heart themed items for them to prove that to you. Not to mention, if you want to go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, you better be calling at least a week or so in advance because every restaurant in your local area will be booked up. You can’t show up with no reservation at all thinking you’ll get in, because you won’t.
The other problem I have with Valentine’s Day is that it’s supposed to be about love and being with your significant other and showing them how much you truly love them. Shouldn’t that be every day of the year? In my opinion, you should be telling your significant other you love them at least once a day. You don’t need a holiday as an excuse to get your partner flowers. You should be appreciating them every day for being with you and loving you for who you are, not just one day a year where you can then boast about it on social media.

     There’s so many small things you could do every day for your partner. Or you could not focus on the material things and do something small and nice for your partner. Maybe instead of an absurd number of flowers that are extremely expense, maybe bring one classic red rose, or their favorite flower with a ribbon around it; affordable and adorable. Instead of spending money on dinner, stay in and cook their favorite meal! Or have them cook with you and then surprise them with their favorite baked treat, whether it be homemade or store bought. Maybe at least attempt to make something homemade because then your significant other will see that you put in some real effort. If they’re really into the candy thing, maybe one or their favorite will do, it doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive. I think people should focus more on the romance aspect of the relationship than anything materialistic.

     So yes, I am happy that Valentine’s Day is over. Of course, I’m going to buy discount candy at CVS today. But overall, please don’t let romance die. Don’t let materialism rule the holiday celebrating love. Romance is a lot easier to accomplish, and cheaper, than you think!

Sierra is a senior English major. She is an assistant Opinion editor.