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Pale Waves brings retro to the forefront

     The 80’s is a time that is becoming farther and farther away as time goes on, but the influences that the decade put on the music world are still relevant. The synth-heavy sound of the 80’s coupled with the heavy use of reverb back then are quite distinguished.

     It’s unclear why things were mixed and mastered that way in the 80’s and early 90’s, but it was definitely fashionable, and could be found in many artists like Eurythmics, the Go-Gos, and Fleetwood Mac.

     Today’s music has been returning to these roots, most audibly in contemporary music such as the artist Bleachers or Taylor Swift’s 2016 Album of the Year “1989.”

     A new indie pop band, Pale Waves, has been emerging that focuses on these 80’s synth vibes.

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     The band released their first single, “There’s a Honey,” under Dirty Hit in April 2017 and was met with acclaim. A follow-up single arrived that August, titled “Television Romance.”

     Pale Waves toured North America in November 2017 for their first-ever U.S. headline tour, playing 21 shows over four weeks. Their previous touring experience included opening for English rockers The 1975.

     The lead singer of Pale Waves, Heather Baron-Gracie, boasts vocals similar to Irene Cara, with pitches and reverb that is fresh but reminiscent. The band harkens back to Bonnie Tyler, Cyndi Lauper, and Whitney Houston. Its sound of the band is perfect for anyone trying to feel sweet nostalgia pulled right from 1980’s influence.

     Their first single, “There’s a Honey,” is based on a beautifully crumbling relationship, and being skeptical on giving your love to someone. Baron-Gracie’s vocals take you to on a ride that ultimately bewitches you and convinces you all in one.

     “Television Romance,” their second single, focuses on the same reflective heartbreak feels that Pale Waves mastered in the first, but they’re able to tie it to the romances we see on the daily. It sets you up for believing (even rooting) for the two to end up together, but contorts emotions to leave the listener wanting a success.

     Pale Waves cut deep with their single “My Obsession,” speaking toward fascination with another person and releasing that information. Though the confession is caught off guard, it’s reciprocated. The deep cut carries the most “jump-on-the-bed-listening-to-a-vinyl” vibes leaving the feel-good playing again and again.

     The band is releasing their upcoming EP with three new songs in March, and heading on a headline tour in the same month around North America. Later this summer, the band will release their debut LP. Baron-Gracie explained that the album’s current releases are heavily influenced on romance.

     “The album is me talking about a lot of my darker issues. I talk about a lot of things that go on in my mind rather than in my heart”.
The 1980’s are long gone, but retro never dies. Pale Waves invites you to relive the glory days.   


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