Students caught abusing possum on social media

By Bitania Yemane, News Editor

     Disturbing photos have been posted on twitter on Monday October 30th of Bloomsburg University students abusing a possum over the past weekend. The photos were screenshots from a video posted on Snapchat from the account of Morgan Ehrenzeller, a junior at Bloomsburg University. The video shows students aggressively gripping the animal and forcing alcohol into it’s throat then throwing the possum into a trash can. The photos spread fast on the Internet and many students expressed their feelings on the incident. Bashar W. Hanna, president of BloomU sent an email to the university regarding the animal cruelty situation.

     “Bloomsburg University is aware of the photos posted on social media showing cruelty to an animal, allegedly by some of our students. An investigation will be conducted by the Dean of Students Office to determine if there were any violations of the student code of conduct. If there were violations, it will be handled through the student judicial code of conduct,” said Hanna.

     The Bloomsburg University’s twitter account responded to people asking if the university will do anything about the photos stating
“Yes, the Dean of Students is already in the process of contacting the student on the Snapchat account. Know the others, please let us know. Process of contacting them is underway by Dean of Students to be handled via our Student Code of Conduct policy.”

     According to the Press Enterprise, charges are expected for the posts. “At least three people will be charged after they teamed up to douse an opossum with beer at a party in Bloomsburg.”

     “I am disgusted,” said Stephanie Ramos,  senior, “How can someone do this kind of thing to an animal? I hope they suffer the consequences for what they did.”

     The incident  is still under investigation and more information should be released soon.