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Sabin Lakowski, Staff Writer

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      There is one form of personal expression that outshines the arts and athletics, and that intimate expression is fashion. For hundreds of years, humans have continued to develop more intricate and beautiful styles of clothing and, for those who enjoy fashion, the advances of design bring limitless possibilities to express oneself.

      There are hundreds, if not thousands, of clothing brands that cater to specific fashion beliefs, with formal menswear companies such as Brooks Brothers, yet sophisticated styles of Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger. American Eagle and Abercrombie specialize in providing customers with a variety of different fashions from athletic to casual. These brands have provided customers with a sense of one’s self in the form of mere materials, and that is exactly the beautiful magic behind fashion.

      Individuals who aren’t afraid to express themselves through style portray the best in themselves through clothing. When some individuals are feeling confident and brilliant, the may dress up in a pair of Tommy Hilfiger dress pants and a Calvin Klein button down shirt with a dotted tie to match the shirt. If an individual is feeling daring and outgoing, that person may don ripped skinny jeans with a scoop-neck tee and Adidas campus sneakers. For occasions when an individual must present information to classmates or co-workers, business casual is a must. Fashion expression is what an individual chooses to wear outside of the broad styles. Mixing and matching different colors and patterns of shirts and pants with dress shoes and sneakers provides individuals with an infinite number of style possibilities. With that style follows personal expression.

      There are hundreds of different cultures throughout the world and within the United States. In any state that one travels to, there will be countless people who express their specific culture or emotions with their clothing. Many people who live in large cities tend to dress with an urban appeal—eye-catching designs consisting of simplistic or intricate patterns. Those who live in rural areas tend to dress with a modernistic and preppy approach—polos and chino pants. There is never a specific race or gender that limits itself and that is an incredible thing. With so much division in our current world, sharing similar fashion interests with others is one small step towards unity.

      The fashion industry has provided people around the world with countless jobs and opportunities. Designers are popping up everywhere and models are needed to wear new brands. According to Statista, in 2015 the apparel business within the United States alone had a market of $359 billion. That number continues to grow daily. Statista also notes that clothing store sales within the United States sit at an astounding $53 billion. These statistics are a result of peoples’ desire to express themselves through the clothes they wear. The fashion industry is incredible and creates millions of career and expression possibilities. When we use clothing to express ourselves, we can continue to feel confident while letting the rest of the world know who we are.

Sabin Laskoski is a Freshman English major. He is a staff writer for The Voice

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