BU hosts annual majors and minors fair

Bitania Yemane, News Editor

     Bloomsburg University hosted their annual Majors and Minors fair on Wednesday October 4th and with over 100 majors and minors to look at, students have many choices to choose from when selecting a major or a minor at BU.  This year the university has two new programs in the Business and English department, the International Business major and the new English major track in digital rhetoric and professional writing. Classes for the international business major include Managing multinational organization, International management, International Finance, International Marketing, International Accounting, International Economics and more. John Okpara, Chairperson of the Department of Management, Marketing and International Business believes that an international business major is important and will open doors for students interested in globalizing their business in the future. “There are so many jobs available, human resource manager, transportation manager, international translator and many more,” said Okpara. “The sky’s the limit. Anything you can do here, you can do overseas as well.

     The major track in digital rhetoric and professional writing was created to allow students to enhance their writing abilities and valued writing skills in the professional workplace. This track is relevant for any student in any major other than English.