Earth Day celebration draws crowds on the quad

Jessica Brown, Staff Writer

     On Wednesday April 19 BU hosted the annual Earth Day Events on campus. The Earth Day festivities were organized and put on by Bloomsburg students. One of those students, senior Sarah Rosenbaum, explained that the events were made possible by the Special Topics Event Planning in Communication Studies as planning Earth Day is one of the requirements of the class.

     “We had a lot of outside vendors come. A lot of them were there to teach us about the earth. We had therapy dogs, games, and prizes. We wanted people to remember to reduce reuse and recycle and “how to love your mother” which was our hashtag,” said Rosenbaum. The reactions from the student body were very positive as well.

      “It was really great to see the student community come together for such a great event. Everyone was so excited to be out supporting our beautiful planet. I really enjoyed the different activities such as dog petting, free food, and crafts that show support.” Another student, Alyssa Rutkowski, said “It was a great way for students to come out and learn the importance of our planet.”


The annual Earth Day celebration featured many groups and organizations across campus who set up tables to talk and educate students on the quad much like the table below. One of these groups was Quest who set up a slack line for students to try, like Laura Meyers above.