Summer ‘19 goals and plans

Gabrielle Reyes, Features Editor

The semester is basically over. We all have been working hard throughout this semetser. Once finals are finished, summer begins for every one of us.
Setting goals to achieve during the summer can get you moditaved to do something that you may not have been able to during the school year. Duing the summer, it’s okay to do nothing or schedule your months full. But what exactly are your goals for this summer? We asked our fellow huskies in person and through Instagram @BUVoice what their goals were. Here is what they had to say.


For me, my summer goals vary. I wish to save money for the semesters to come. I would like to get CPR certified for a future job. I also wish to observe an SLP to get more practice in the field I am interested in.
-Cassie Yorgey, Junior Speech Pathology Major


This summer I plan on moving back to my hometown, Pittsburgh. Here I will have a part time internship at Vinoski Winery where I will be working along side their project management team. In my other free time, I will be working in retail at the local outlets. Once the summer comes to an end, I plan on moving to Florida where my parents live to take part in the Disney College Program!
-Kyle Oakes, Senior Business Management Major


“A major summer goal of mine is to travel, alot!”
“I plan on doing an intership in London! With that, I also wish to start writing my movie trilogy”
“ My goal for the summer is to get into better shape and find a happier me!”
-Anonomyous Instagram answers


My summer goal is to work hard and make a lot of money. I am looking to study abroad in the summer of next year, so I want to take advantage of this summer to earn as much money as I can. I also want to save money to pay for my apartment and to make sure that I have extra money to spend on clothes and fun things with my friends over the next school year. This summer will be one for the books, as I plan to work hard but also enjoy my time.
-Hailey Sweeney, Sophmore ASL/English Interpreting Major


I plan to come up with a nutrition and workout plan this summer. I also will be a part of an internship relating to real estate. My goal is hopefully make some income this summer and prepare for the next semester.
-Matthew Rivera, Junior Business Management Major