Why do you Relay?

Jess Barnett, News Editor

Relay for Life is a fundraising event that comes to Bloomsburg Universities campus every year to raise money towards cancer research.
The club on our campus, College Against Cancer, ran the event. The three top teams that raised the most were the Student Nurses Association, Program Board, and College Against Cancer.
Some of the food that was being sold by the teams were hot dogs, buffalo chicken dip, baked goods, ice coffee and srunchies. All proceeds went to the American Cancer Society.
The grand total that we raised at this years Relay for Life event was $34,741.


“I lost my mother to breast cancer very suddenly in 2017 right before my junior year of college. Doing my part to spread awareness and raise money to hopefully find a cure is something I hold close to my heart.” – Dave Sienkiewicz, senior Secondary Education major and Special Education minor


“[I relay] for all the people in my family, my friends and all of my friends’ family and friends. [I want] to try and make a difference for everyone.” – Reese Cirino, senior Business major


“I lost my grandmother recently, so this year I’m relaying for her because she lost her battle. She’s my reason. I relay for her and all those who lost their battle to cancer.” – Ashley Andruzzi, senior Social Work major


“I relay to support the cause and because I lost my grandmother to cancer.” – Laticia Feliciano, sophomore Criminal Justice and Psych major