Hot girl summer was ‘Good as Hell’



Lizzo performing one of her summer hits.

Christopher Toney-El, Contributing Writer

This summer, commonly referred to as “hot girl summer,” was full of not only fun, sun and sand, but also some of the best albums to grace music listener’s ears.
As there were numerous big albums that dropped this summer, there was one I know you had to have heard. Lizzo’s album “Cuz I Love You” was released right as the summer was starting.
We all know that no one could escape from Lizzo or her flute for the past five or so months. After all, who would even want to escape from a tremendously talented artist such as Lizzo?
If you haven’t heard of Lizzo you are truly missing out because she’s “100% that b*tch.” The Houston, Texas native sends messages within her music of body positivity, leaving toxic relationships, living your best life, admitting to yourself that the truth can hurt, and most importantly that sometimes you have to “blame it on the juice.”
Lizzo began her unique career with her majestic flute playing, giving her an unexpected edge that justly makes her stand alone. She time and time again proves to people worldwide that loving yourself is more important than being with someone who doesn’t value you.
Her track “Truth Hurts.” featured in Netflix’s summer flick “Someone Great,” is her first platinum hit. While the song was originally released in 2017, it was rereleased in her album “Cuz I Love You” following its jolt to the top of nearly every music chart.
This album takes its listeners on a trip of loving themselves, speaking their truths and affirms that it’s okay to fall in and out of love, while hitting upon topics of female empowerment, body inclusivity and leaving those toxic F-boy and F-girls alone.
Some have been wondering where the term “hot girl summer” even originated from and I’m here to tell you that another Houston native, Megan Thee Stallion, has been making waves this summer.
The artist coined the term “hot girl summer” as not only a trend or hashtag online, but more a true lifestyle. Megan started using the catchphrase over a year ago, but had it appear on her first album cover. Megan Thee Stallion, who studies at Texas Southern University, released her first full-length project, “Fever,” this past summer.
Megan Thee Stallion is already being nominated for music awards and is becoming more and more popular. Megan also showcases the importance of school and is going into her senior year of college, still performing, transitioning from a “hot girl summer” to a “hot girl semester.”
This summer was full of so much female strength in the music industry and we can only hope that it continues into the fall.