CGA to make decision on Honeysuckle shuttle


Patrick Halye

A university bus makes a scheduled stop at the Honeysuckle Apartments Wednesday afternoon.

Jessica Luecke, Contributing Writer

The skybridge connecting Honeysuckle Apartments and campus has been finished since the start of this semester, providing quicker access for students coming to campus. Although the shuttles have still been providing transportation for residents, rumors of the cancelation of the shuttles have concerned some students.
According to Eric Ness, the assistant VP of Facilities Management, the original purpose for building the skybridge was to provide a safe 24×7 walking path across Lightstreet road.
Ness also stated that cancelling the shuttles is a decision to be made by the appropriate Campus Government Association (CGA) groups.
Neil D’Amato, comptroller at CGA, explained that once the committee has made an evaluation, they will provide recommendations to CGA Senate concerning the future of the shuttle.
D’Amato also commented that “if students have concerns, they can contact the Campus Shuttle Committee members or members of CGA’s Executive Committee and Student Senate.”
Students are aware of the possible decision and have varying opinions. Montana Farner, a sophomore resident at Honeysuckle Student Apartments, stated: “I normally take the shuttle because it is so much easier.”
From her experience, a majority of the students at Honeysuckle take the shuttle. She believes that “taking away the shuttles would make a lot of unhappy Honeysuckle residents.”