Dorm ‘Cookin’

Gabrielle Reyes , Features Editor

If you have been following us and reading the last edition of The Voice, you saw our recommended recipes for those who may have limited access to a full kitchen. We hope you have tried them or thought about them. We try to be cost efficient as well when giving you these recipes. Therefore, if one recipe calls for a certain ingredient, don’t worry if you don’t have it.

 You can always substitute one ingredient for another. Also keep in mind that if you buy an ingredient, it should last you beyond one meal. For example, if you are cooking for yourself and the recipe calls for red bell peppers, understand you only need a sliver of that pepper saving the rest for another time. Here are two more recipes you can add to the cookbook. 

Spicy Chicken Salad Sandwich


1 can of shredded chicken breast

Pinches of your Seasoning of choice

2 tspn Sriracha or hot sauce

2 tbsp Mayo

1 leaf of Lettuce

1/4 of an Onion (diced) 

Bread of choice

This recipe is one of my favorites because it is fast and easy. There are days I will chef it up to the max with all different ingredients and there are others where I only add mayo, salt and pepper. First, drain the chicken from the can of all the juices inside. Place it into a bowl. Mix in the amount of sriracha to your liking. I typically use 1 teaspoon. Add in about 2 tablespoons of mayo. With mayonnaise because of it being overpowering. You can always add but not take away. Then add your seasonings. 

Grounded pepper is always a must with this dish in my opinion. Mrs. Dash all season seasoning is also something I commonly use. If you read the past editions of “dorm cookin”, you would know to buy this seasoning. After this, you can add any other ingredients you wish: onions, celery, carrots, etc. The last part is to add the total mix to bread. I prefer sesame Italian bread but regular white sliced is fine too. Adding a leaf of lettuce to the sandwich makes it that much more refreshing. After this, you can add any side to this meal and enjoy! 

Avocado Caprese Salad


Fresh mozzarella 

Pinch of Salt and pepper

1 pack of Spring salad mix (one with arugula in it)



3 Basil leaves

1tspn Olive oil

2 tbsp Balsamic vinegar 

This recipe is a simple throw it together meal. Chop up the mozzarella, avocado and tomatoes to desired amount. Place all dry ingredients in a bowl. In a smaller bowl, add 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 teaspoon of oil, salt and pepper. Mix this together then pour onto the salad. Then you’re done! You have made yourself a delicious “gourmet” dish. 

Fast tips: I always keep a bottle of vinegar in my cabinet for cooking. I don’t use it everyday. However, it comes in handy when you want to whip up a quick salad. Vinegar, oil, salt and pepper is the quickest and tastiest salad dressing with or without a budget. 

If you try out these dishes, let us know! We want to know if this was successful or a flop. Maybe you even have recommendations or alterations to these recipes. Send us reviews and photos to [email protected], and you could be featured on our social media or in our print edition!