Last minute Halloween costume ideas


Maya Smith

Maya Smith, above, outdoing herself with illusion makeup as a “mask of herself”. She has done so inspired by Youtuber, Nikkitutorials.

Gabrielle Reyes, Features editor

Looking for that last minute Halloween costume is easier than you think. 

Depending on how long you have, you can make your own costume either from your closet, your friends closet or the salvation army. Halloween costumes are at a minimum of $40 at the store which is 

outrageous, especially for a college student.  

Makeup will be your bestfriend when thinking of a halloween costume. You don’t have to be an expert makeup artist because Halloween doesn’t need to be perfect but rather creative. Some easy ideas can be a scarecrow, cat or zombie. Try to pick ideas that match the makeup your have. If your pallets consist of black and greys, a zombie look could be possible look for you but a scarecrow might not. Once you have your look, your can figure out the rest of your outfit. For example, a scarecrow would have ragged or plaid clothes on, whereas a cat would have all black. 

When picking out an outfit, remember that it does not need to be perfect to the character. If you don’t have the same articles of clothing as the person, you can where the colors that represent them. For example, a fruit, a prisoner, cop, lumberjack, a devil, or a candy. Sometimes, you need a prop to really show what you are. This is when you can literally write something on a piece of paper and staple it to your shirt. If you want to be a cough drop, dressed in red and print out the logo of one. If you want to be a Starbucks cup, wear green and print out their logo. This is the easiest way to get your idea across to tell everyone what you are on Halloween night. 

If you really have no time, look through your closet. You will definitely find a sports jersey, an apron, a button down shirt, or a big jacket. You can use the sports jersey to be that teams fan. An apron can be used to show you are a chef. A button down shirts can be used in so many different ideas of a teacher, lawyer, someone from the show “The Office”, or a “nerd”. Lastly, the big jacket can be used as a pimp, celebrity or Macklemore from the “thrift shop” music video. 

Speaking of thrift shops, if you can, use them! They will have whatever you are thinking of to complete your costume. You can go there without worrying about spending too much money. 

For this Halloweem, feel free to express yourself in any way you wish. Try not to take yourself too seriously. Halloween is about being fun so don’t stress it. 

Happy Halloween!