Tobi Lou got the drip ‘Live on Ice’

Christopher Toney-El, Staff Writer

Introducing Chicago’s own Tobi Lou. The Nigerian born artist from Chicago; Illinois shows he is here to stay. Tobi Lou exudes a carefree black boy joy attitude. Tobi Lou is not afraid to put himself out there and show that he’s “Black, and he’s beautiful.”

Tobi Lou came on the rise with his infamous 2018 hit “Buff Baby.” The Track is based on the Adventure Time episode “Memory of a Memory.” The “Buff Baby” artists have been making noise recently with singles, EP’s and albums. Tobi lou’s first album “Tobi Lou and the Juice” which was a 7-track album featured Zack Villere and DJ Pharris. Tobi Lou shares a colorful, bright attitude with sparkly shorts, buns in his hair, and his own avatar. Tobi Lou likes to reference ‘90s cartoons, Kanye West Graduation inspired visuals, samples scenes from “the Office,” and adding vines in the background of his tracks.

Recently Tobi Lou dropped his debut album “Live on Ice.” The 21 track album features artists from Ryan Destiny, Rockie Fresh, Cam O’bi, and many others. Famous Chicago producer No I.D assists the Tobi lou by being the executive producer of “Live on Ice.” The Facer who was also featured on a single called “Solange” is also featured on the album. Each track imbodies his feelings of self-confidence, carefree, proud to be black attitude. The track “Theme Music” has a sample of Kevin Hart’s 2009 stand up special “I’m a grown little man.” Using the bit about why Kevin Hart can’t be a rapper quoting “Pew pew everybody gone die” as the outro of the song. The “Waterboy” track samples a 2015 vine of Ms. Keisha’s “I’m a bad bitch you can’t kill me.”  Tobi Lou continues his love for cartoons with album art of himself sitting on a block of ice. Although Tobi Lou just dropped “Live on Ice.” The” Troop” artists himself has made hints at dropping another album called “Numbers.”

Currently Tobi Lou is on his “Happy+Extra Sad Tour.” The Chicagoan is very active with his fans through twitter. Through his music, Tobi Lou can be seen proud of his Nigerian heritage. With lyrics such as “I eat with my hands like an African, I’m Nigerian.” While he is a fan of K-pop. Tobi Lou has collaborated with one of K-pop’s hottest artists Vernon from the Korean pop group Seventeen. Vernon happens to be a fan of Tobi and told his fans to listen to his music. Tobi lou describes his connection to K-pop to be as “organic.” Due to Vernon and Tobi Lou meeting upon after letting his fans know he was a fan of Tobi Lou. The too “Looped up” and collaborated having the “Looped Up” track to be featured on “Live on Ice”


With Tracks such as “Just keep going” “Darlin” and Like my Mom” which was inspired by his mother. Tobi Lou’s love for animation, and 90s references shows he’s an artist who truly connects with his fans. His love for “Sailor Moon” shows he’s an artist fans can connect with and feel nostalgic with. Those who were bullied back in middle school for liking Anime, kids who were labeled as “weird” are the types of people who resonate with Tobi Lou and his music. You can catch Tobi Lou coming to a city near you and you can stream “Live on Ice” everywhere now!