To stay or not to stay (on campus)

Janya Keeler, Contributing Writer

Off-Campus housing is something for students to look forward to as planning begins for next semester. Choosing who to live with or where to live is all part of the process and is very exciting to students because they have a good deal of options available to them.

Change is good for some people, but not everyone. Some people don’t want to adjust to a new living situation because they are comfortable with where they are at. Students strive for more space, especially after living in a dorm and sharing the same room with a roommate.

Living off-campus, especially downtown, gives students the opportunity to enjoy what the town has to offer, including short walking distance to everything. And for those who enjoy the nightlife scene, there is a spot by almost every apartment building in Bloomsburg.

One may not know that there is an apartment under Dollar General and apartments on top, as some of these spots are hidden. If one is interested living downtown then the best thing to do is explore and figure out which is the best fit for them.

There is off-campus housing everywhere in Bloomsburg, and a great number of building downtown are being rented out to students. They are scattered everywhere because of the needs to be room for all of the students.

If the rent is reasonable along with the amenities, it will keep tenants for a year or two or perhaps through a student’s whole college career.

Beth Brennan of the office of Students Affairs says “I think students move off campus because there are less rules and they can choose whether to live in an apartment or rent a house.”

When asked what she thought about why students might move each year or what they will find better about living somewhere else, Brennan said that students will move year-to-year for better living conditions, cheaper rent or to change who they live with.

BU student Erica Simpson, a junior living off-campus, said that she planned on moving out of her apartment to a house next fall for her senior year. However, Simpson also says that that it may not be worth it to live in a house for only senior year and the rent would