Ed Murphy

Rapper Tory Lanez during Sunday’s concert at the Nelson Field House.

Christopher Toney-El, Staff Writer

This past Sunday, Tory Lanez invaded the Nelson Field House along with Special Guest GNAR.
The line was packed as Bloomsburg University students stood in 40-degree weather with only one thing on their minds: to see the Canadian born rapper live in concert.
Lanez performed several of his hit songs, even surprising the crowd by singing acapella. At one-point he not only jumped in the crowd numerous times, but full-on crowd surfed, having fans hold him up while rapping.No matter if fans were born in the 90s or 2000s, Tory Lanez made sure that everyone knew the throwback jams of Lil Jon, 90s R&B group Jagged Edge and various other throwback hits.
Lanez assured that everyone at his concert was going to return to their cribs with sweat, tears and a smile on their face.
At the conclusion of the concert, Lanez let all his fans know before exiting the stage that they too can achieve their dreams. Even when it feels impossible, everything will all work out in the end and that you just need to keep pushing until you finally reach that goal.
GNAR helped in hyping up the crowd before Tory was set to appear on stage, making sure the audience would never forget his name. At the start of his set, GNAR asked the crowd to open up the pit to start a mosh pit.
Lanez, a Canadian-born artist, has been gearing up for his mixtape series “Chixtape.” This will be Lanez’s fifth project of the Chixtapes series, which will be dropping on November 15.
Recently, Lanez dropped his very own remix of T-Pain’s 2005 hit “I’m Sprung.” He added his own flavor to the track by naming it “Jerry Sprunger.” Not only did Tory Lanez remix the track, but T-Pain was also featured on the song, bringing back a 2000s nostalgic vibe.
With Chixtape 5 debuting soon, many are wondering what Tory Lanez has up his sleeve this time.
In every Chixtape project, Lanez has sampled several Hip-hop and R&B songs from the 90s to the 2000s.
In fact, Chixtape 4 happened to drop on the very first day of 2017. Track 8 sampled Disney Channel’s The Proud Family theme song.
The theme song was originally sung by Solange Knowles in 2001. Many are wondering: will there be any surprise, nostalgic features on Chixtape 5?
Tory Lanez and GNAR rocked the crowd’s worlds.
The heat from the room radiated to the point where no one remembered it was cold. The lyrics of his songs sprang to life and brought a new sense of excitement and joy to the students attending the show.
Tory Lanez is truly on his way to becoming a household name.