FlEXin’ with no FLEX

Gabrielle Reyes, Features Editor

As the end of the semester approaches, we thought it would be fun to see how much FLEX everyone still has left or if they had ANY. For me in my Freshman year, at this point in the semester I believe I still had about $70 left on my FLEX. I remember during finals week, buying everyone snacks for studying. 

Currently as a senior, I have about $30 left on my account which is still not bad considering some people have none left. I like to have extra FLEX leftover so it can carry over to the next semester having more to spend.However, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to this year. 

Not using your FLEX is all about budgeting. It is a good way to practice what it would be like in the real world if you only has such an amount to spend everyday. 

Not using your FLEX can be tricky as it is used when the meal plan doesn’t cover the full charge. However, you will not lose all of your FLEX that way. The reason our FLEX is used up so quickly is by eating at the food courts that doesn’t accept a meal plan. I, myself, have trouble resisting not going to Qdoba on the weekdays. 

It won’t hurt your pocket that much if you budget for once a week. Understand, you can’t go everyday to one of these places if you plan on using FLEX. 

This in no way means starve yourself. Commons is a meal swipe for all you can eat. Both Subway and Husky Lounge is a meal swipe and some FLEX depending on what you get.

I went around campus asking people how much FLEX they have left and the following is what I found. Sophomore, Lauren Lincks tells us that she has $80 left in FLEX! She explains how in the beginning of the semester she would be afraid to use it in case she ran out by the end of the semester. By being cautious, she was able to remain a lot of her FLEX left. 

Senior, Kristen Pepe, on the other hand has $7.00 left on her FLEX account. Kristen explains that Starbucks is a huge reason as to why her FLEX is all gone. She would spend her FLEX to buy a new cup instead of “real” money. Chris Hems, sophomore, tells the Voice that he has about $10 left on his account. His reasoning is because of Chick Fa la and Qdoba. 

We also asked our followers on Instagram @BUvoice on how your FLEX is looking. The poll showed that 81% of those who answered insinuated that it is considerably low. The other 19% who voted saying they were “ballers” with their FLEX meaning they still have a decent amount.

 It is very common for us to be low on our funds as the holidays are just around the corner. If you still have some FLEX left, congratulations on pacing yourself with your money. 

For those who are not doing so hot, remember to take advantage of your meal swipes. Campus dining offers students many options of what to eat for a swipe. Luckily, next week is Thanksgiving break and you don’t have to worry about meals until you come back for finals week.