The Exchange holds winter ‘Cash and Carry’


Ed Murphy

The Exchange is holding its winter “Cash and Carry” exhibit from November 11 until January 3.

Sarah Emily D'Agostino, A&E Editor

Art is one of the most universal languages. Being able to express thoughts and emotions through paintings or sculptures is not only a talent, but something nearly anyone can do.
In Bloomsburg, there are numerous art galleries, but one that truly connects to the community in which it lives is The Exchange.
Located right on Main Street, The Exchange is home to year ‘round work by artists in the Central Pennsylvania area. Artists range from elementary schoolers to those well in their wiser years.
Run by a committee of volunteers, The Exchange is the perfect venue to display art, whether it be for themed work or open-call.
Originally being located where the former Moose Lodge was located, The Exchange moved locations after the 2014 fire that destroyed a good portion of the building.
The Exchange has persevered and continues to run alongside the Art Cart, The Destination Blue Music Festival and many other community-centered lineups.
This winter, the gallery is showing their “Cash and Carry” exhibit. The “Cash and Carry” provides opportunity for artists to receive canvases for free and then show the art in the gallery until people buy them. Providing the community with the chance to not only make beautiful art work, but to make a profit on an activity they love.
This show is a great opportunity to view the art produced in the community and to be a part of the Art of PA organization; the exhibit runs from November 11 till January 3.
Next year, The Exchange celebrates 10 years of gallery shows and concerts.
Alongside the gallery shows, there will be numerous musical performances to celebrate the growth and history of our region’s creativity.
Even after losing the original location, The Exchange has powered through and made it possible to bring the community together around a greater purpose: art.
In the new year there will be nine new gallery shows as of now. These shows will range from open-call to specific artists showings. To join an open-call, check out The Exchange’s website or swing by the gallery.
The most important part of it all is to have fun and express yourself. The Exchange makes this possible by providing the panels so that those who love painting can freely express themselves.