Howling Huskies

This edition’s question to students: Who do you want to see in the Presidential office in 2020 and why?

“Personally I would like to see anyone BUT Donald Trump in office after the 2020 election. We need someone in office who is as concerned about social welfare/justice as the economy and job creation. This country was built on the backs of immigrants and stolen land. We need a president who respects and honors the sacrafices of those arund them.” 

– Emily DeSantiago, junior Social Work major

“I feel as though the best candidate to lead this country is Bernie Sanders. I think he genuinely wants to empower those who are without privilege and make society a more inclusive place. I also believe in his fight against big pharma and I think he is the only candidate who will actually try to do something about climate change.” 

– James Wong, junior Mass Communications majo

“Amy Klobuchar. I agree with her on most issues and I really enjoyed her standing up to Kavanaugh during the confirmation hearings.”

– Megan Sumner, senior Digital Forensics and Computer Science major


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