Howling Huskies

How are you spending spring break 2020?

What is the best way to spend spring break? Spring break is a time to take a breather from school and do whatever sort of activities you want. Some people like to stay at home and binge-watch a new show on Netflix. Others may go visit family or friends who they don’t get to see that often. Quite a few people like to plan extravagant trips to the beach or somewhere else they’ve been waiting to go to with their friends or significant others. This is how some of our fellow Huskies are spending their spring breaks

“Driving to South Carolina to visit my best friend!” @caroletzel

“To sleep in.” @megs_526

“Sleep.” @bmccoystudio

“San Francisco.” @mollyjonessel

“Miamiiiiii.” @lee.dashian

“Sleeping lmao.” @lyzakle_

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