The birds and the bees talk is not so bad

Lately, I have been wondering how open people are about their sex lives. For me, sex is up there as one of my favorite topics of discussion. Not with everyone though, relatively close friends. On the other hand, I have many close friends who get uncomfortable talking about their sex lives, no matter the closeness of the relationship. I chose to believe everyone enjoys hearing a couple juicy details every once in awhile because we’re human. We were practically raised to gossip. 

Why is it that talking about sex is uncomfortable? It is a natural urge we all feel in our lifetime yet it is shamed to talk about. You would think that something as discussed and advertised as much as sex is in today’s generation that it would be comfortable spoken about. We have grown up with sex as a dirty, sinful act if done before marriage. The stigma of waiting till marriage is basically gone at this point in age. Being raised with this view on sex could be a large effect as to the shame that might come when talking about sex. Religion and family views affect this topic of discussion greatly.  

The topic of sex can bring up embarrassing or awkward encounters. It is understandable that some people may only have bad sexual experiences. It is also understandable that people wish to be private about their sex lives because they are overall a conservative person. I asked twenty-six horny huskies if they were comfortable talking about their sex life. Twenty of them responded yes and the other 6 voted no. One of the respondents voting no, stuck up and said, “it’s no one’s business” and I also understand this side. If you wish to keep your sex life between you and your partner, there is nothing wrong with that. Sex talk between partners creates a very trusting and equally pleasurable relationship. 

Without talking about sex, we wouldn’t be properly sexually educated. The discussion of sex is crucial and important! Some STD’s can be small and disappear within a week, while some can have life-long effects, lead to death, or lead to infertility. I think we should overlook the negative speech about sex and live our lives in a sexually healthy way. Not to label women as “whores” for sleeping with over 10 people. Body counts don’t really matter in the real world if you make smart choices with them. If you’re reading this, I hope you’re reflecting on how you feel about discussing your sex life. It is important to be open and honest with your sex lives horny huskies! Sex isn’t going anywhere. Be safe and stay horny, huskies.