Show me the money

The anxiety of waiting for financial assistance in academia

Jose Gamboa, Staff Writer

I am a never-ending learner. I (believe it or not) like going to school. I may not like learning about math, or business, or chemistry (really all of the sciences), but I do thoroughly love learning subjects that align directly with my main programs of study: English, Gender Studies, and Music. I honestly love enriching my brain. I enjoy being educated. 

To my friends, this is not a shocker. To strangers, they just think I am weird for wanting to write a profusion of academic papers. So, because of my constant want to learn, I have been applying to multiple graduate programs across the United States to further my education. 

Currently, I have applied to two graduate schools; I am currently finishing up a third application, as its deadline is slowly approaching. As of now, I have been accepted into one out of the two I have applied to, which I am very proud of! 

Not many people can say they are on track to receive their second degree after undergrad. However, let me tell you: I am stressed. I am worried about making too-fast of a decision on my one acceptance. 

I am perturbed about waiting too long and having the acceptance expire. I am apprehensive about choosing a program that does not offer the most sensible financial assistance. I do want multiple options to select from; I am making sure I have these options at-the-ready. 

But my vision is simply beclouded with stress. This process is stressful. The waiting is stressful. I want to get an MA in English. I want to reach that level of education, but the waiting period is what’s killing me. I have such a hard time just sitting and waiting to hear back from these graduate programs. 

Yes, I have been accepted into one program so far, but even they are unable to provide me with all of the financial assistance information because of their own deadlines. I just cannot with these deadlines. I think it would be fair (and kind) to provide any financial assistance to those who have already been accepted prior to the deadline. 

However, I understand their point-of-view, too. They have rules to follow, and I must abide by them. I am just stressed. Waiting is not my strongest feature. I’d like all my answers now because I like to plan ahead, but that is outside of my control and I cannot help those outside components.

Jose is a senior English major and is a Staff Writer for The Voice.