Changing up boring quarantine sex

Trying to keep the boredom from overcoming us while we stay in the metaphorical prison of our homes has been (and will be) challenging over the next month or so.  

Maybe you’re lucky enough to be stuck inside with your significant other, and maybe some of you are lucky to be stuck without them. Spending all this time together can be amazing, but it is easy to get sick of doing the same thing every day. The sex can also get boring too. In this article, I’ll be suggesting five ways to keep things fun and sexy while sheltered in our homes. 

One of the best ways to spice up a sex life is to switch up from the normal positions. I am sure you’ve heard of the Kama Sutra, an ancient book of erotic Indian art, which is full of sex positions. An online PDF of The Completely Illustrated Kama Sutra is available for $5 on, compared to almost $20 to order on Amazon. If you’re like me and don’t want to spend any money at all, you can also google “sex position generator” to find sites where you can generate random sex positions to try. 

A wilder activity to liven things up could be role play. Role play could be anything you’ve ever wanted to try or imagined. Have a schoolgirl kink? Dress like a naughty schoolgirl! Have an anime kink? Dress like your favorite anime characters! Have a dominatrix/submissive kink? Put on your favorite black leather and chains! It doesn’t matter because it is your kink, and everyone has their own. Role play has endless options if you’re not scared of acting. Just communicate with your partner. 

Another unique way to get in the mood is to set up a “sexy scavenger hunt.” To do this, you need to collect things you wear and use in the bed and hide them throughout your living space. Hidden with each item should be a note giving away where the next object is. For example, set out a cute pair of underwear with a post-it note saying, “I know I’m your favorite treat, the next clue is where we eat” then leave your next item in the dining room. The final note should lead your partner to the bedroom or whatever designated spot you decide to “do it.” 

It doesn’t take much effort to make this time together more interesting. Skin-to-skin contact is helpful in keeping things sensual and the lust alive. Ever seen those pictures of couples painting each other’s backs? Now is your time to do it, because all we have is time! This activity is a relaxing and sensual way to have fun. You can paint anything you want while your partner lays there getting a paint brush massage or vise versa. Painting can also take hours (depending how into it you get) and is sure to make the time go by. 

The final activity is what you could do after you’ve finished painting: take a shower together. This doesn’t ultimately mean you have to have shower sex, but if it leads to that than it leads to it. Showers are a delightful way to feel close to your partner. You can use shampoo and body wash to massage and clean one another. It is also a great time to show your partner your love for their body. From light kisses to shower hugs, make them feel special. Be safe and stay horny, huskies.  Try not to drive each other crazy!