Husky Student Workout How-To


Melanie Aikins, Howl Editor

Pat LaFerrera is a senior at Bloomsburg University with a future aspiration in Occupational Therapy. He may have committed to this major senior year of high school, but he found solace in the gym much before this. LaFerrera started his fitness journey in 2014. Once a beginner, years of hard work have made him highly knowledgeable on the topic of fitness.

Until LaFerrera has patients or a practice of his own, he has made it his goal to reach his own personal optimal fitness, while helping others along the way. When asked how to begin a fitness journey as a newcomer, LaFerrera had several tips.

“This question really depends on your goals. Prioritize cardio if you are trying to lose weight, but do not make that your only priority. If you are looking to build muscle get into a push/pull/leg workout routine. You should set out to hit every muscle once a week as a beginner. While this is important the number one rule is to make time for rest.” LaFerrera advises.

A push/pull/leg workout is an organized workout plan designed to reduce strain on your muscles. Push focuses on the upper body pushing muscles, chest/ shoulders/ triceps. While pull focuses on the upper body pulling muscles, back and biceps. This, in addition to legs, will ensure all parts of your body are being exerted.

Most people have heard the popular phrase “the body is created in the kitchen.” LaFerrera is a strong advocate of this widely known eating tip.

“While working out, make sure you prioritize protein. 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per body fat is crucial. Be sure to include healthy carbs in your diet as well. Healthy carbs I enjoy are oats, rice and vegetables. Nutrient rich foods are the key to fitness training whether the goal is to lose or gain weight.”

Fitness is a trial-and-error lifestyle. You must listen to your body and build a workout plan that directly benefits you. Food is fuel and an active life is a healthy one.