BU: No Mask? No Rec.

Montana Farner, News Editor

The Bloomsburg Recreation Center may close in the near future if students’ do not properly wear their masks.

According to an email sent from BU, the university is receiving numerous reports of masking issues. 

The email stated, “Without compliance with masking protocol in the Rec Center in the future, The University will need to shut the facility down for a period of time out of an abundance of care and concern for everyone.” 

In a screenshot message from Jen White, director of the student recreation center and club sports, to rec center employees, White stated that if the rec continues to have mask non-compliance, the entire rec will be closed for a period of time. 

The message from White went on to say, “After that (closing of the rec center), we will continue to close specific areas within the building, like the weight room/power room for an extended period of time like we have (done to) the basketball courts.” 

White encouraged the employees to spread the word in hopes that it will help students properly wear masks in the Rec Center. 

Student worker at the BU Recreation Center, Olivia Panagos has seen many students not following the masking mandate. 

“The rec has a great chance of shutting down, so it is important that everyone follows (the rec centers) the rules so we can all be safe and continue to use our rec center privileges,” Panagos said. 

Freshman International Business Major, Ellie Hanraft, said, “There’s a bunch of students wearing them below their nose, or even not at all. I see it most in the free weight room when I walk past.” 

When asked about what she thought the Rec Center would do regarding the ongoing masking issue she said, “I think the gym will do what they think is best. Which is very likely that it will be shut down.” 

Another student reported that students were running on the treadmills with no masks on at all. 

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, mask wearing is crucial in order to stop the spread.

According to Bloomsburg University’s mask mandate, all masks must be worn by vaccinated and unvaccinated students, employees, and visitors in all indoor areas. Masks must be properly covering the nose and mouth.