Students Speak Out About Online Syllabus Week

Sydney Stokes, Assistant Sports Editor

Bloomsburg University students began classes online on Monday, January 24th. Classes will transfer into an in-person class setting this week. However, some students did not seem to be to upset about an online syllabus week.

Being online for the first week gave some students a relaxing week while still being able to continue keeping up with their classes.

Sophomore, Ashley Harlan said, “Being online the first week was a convenient transition between being home for break and going in person for classes.”

Harlan went on to say that the online week made her feel more prepared for in-person classes throughout the rest of the semester.

Brenna Hamann, a junior at Bloomsburg University agreed with Harlan. “It’s also easier to add or drop classes. It allows you to just figure everything out, while also being relaxed at home or in your dorm,” she said.

“Most professors have the same guidelines in their syllabus making everyone go to different classes to hear the same thing about 5 times where this semester, most of the professors I have had their classes asynchronous this week making it easier for me and probably other students to understand what I have to follow up with throughout the course,” Junior, Gianna Reese said.

Sophomore, Madeline Newman disagreed with the idea of syllabus weeks to be online. She said, “I really just focus better when classes are in person. There are less distractions in a classroom than in my own space and I like meeting people right off the bat.”

Classes will resume in-person starting Monday, January 31st and will be assessed weekly with the university’s COVID-19 health tracker.