Bloomsburg PRSSA Raises Awareness for Lymphoma


Melanie Aikins, Howl Editor

PRSSA will be joining this year’s Bateman Case Study Competition. Partnering with a team of researchers, PRSSA will be helping raise awareness for lymphoma research.

Lymphoma is a rare form of cancer that can cause swelling in the neck, groin, armpit; or manifest in the form of a fever, night sweats, difficulty in breathing and weight loss.

The women of this club have been working rigorously to help locals better understand this aggressive cancer using primary and secondary research.

This research includes formatting surveys to better gauge where knowledge on the subject lies as well as creating educational brochures.

This club has organized meetings with experts who dedicate their lives to this research.

This group of girls are working on an educational LinkedIn video, an in-depth presentation about the symptoms and warning signs of Lymphoma. A collaboration with a food organization to raise money for Lymphoma, and a survey gathering student and faculties grasp on this ailment.

The primary goal is working to educate AYA’s (people aged 15-39) on Lymphoma and to raise money for the Lymphoma Research Foundations.

1/5 of individuals in this age group are diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer.

To learn more about upcoming campus events and Lymphoma, follow “buredfront” on Instagram. Keep up with new research and information through the “Lymphoma Research Foundation.”