Career Tip Tuesday


The Office of Alumni & Professional Engagement, Contributing Writer

Did you know that 73% of college grads say they want a “do-over” to focus more on career prep during their college experience?


Whether you’re still exploring careers, looking for marketable experiences, or are ready to interview for that first professional position, we have you covered!


The office of Alumni and Professional Engagement supports ProfessionalU by engaging faculty, parents, alumni, employers, and community partners who provide wisdom and professional opportunities to students. Through our office you can find career coaching, alumni networking practice and professional development events like the Career Intensive Boot Camp, resume and LinkedIn labs, and Career Connections Expos. We’re also home to the Career Closet and the Sekisui Professional Experience labs where you can conduct virtual interviews and presentations! We are located on the third floor of the Greenly Center in downtown, just across the street from Tri-Pi.


Tuesday’s are more than just the second day of the week for us. Every week our staff is popping up across campus in a different location to help students to take control of their climb by gaining career and professional experience.  A new career tip is featured each week and include advice on Handshake, career opportunities, job and internship searches, transferable skills, elevator pitches and more! Huskies can find us on campus every Tuesday for a chance to win a Starbucks gift card and find out how to smooth the transition from college student to confident professional!


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 Alumni & Professional Engagement

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