Fits of the Block

Block Party is back and Fetterman fashion was all the rage

Melanie Aikins, Howl Editor

Block Party 2022 did not disappoint; with over 1,500 in attendance. Students gathered on Fetterman as early as 9 am to experience the day. The parking lots were overflowed with cars and the air was buzzing with anticipation. All different ages of students were present; alcoholic beverages and trash filled the street. Police were scattered, some patrolling on horseback, others manning the newly enforced roadblocks. The morning hasn’t looked like this since 2019, and Bloomsburg was ready for it.

Being the biggest event of the year, outfits were planned accordingly. Sports jerseys were in overabundance. Shane Bieber, Chris Paul, Anthony Edwards, Dr. J, you name it. Joel Embiid jerseys were seen consistently throughout the crowd in attempt to manifest the MVP award. Pairing these jerseys with a signature snapback hat was the favored getup on Saturday.

Euphoria is off screens, but the shows hold on the world is stronger than ever. Matching sets were seen around every bend. Bold makeup, vivid colors, and gems made these outfits stand out among the crowd. Maddy Perez is Euphoria’s it-girl, leaving her backpack at home, but never her hard hitting fashion sense and icy attitude. Her signature slicked back hairstyles were sported by many Fetterman attendees.

“I bought this outfit a month in advance because this is my last block party and I am so happy about the way it turned out,” says Angel Le, a Bloomsburg University senior studying Business.

All Gen Z women know about the iconic small shirt, big pants combo. A trusty pair of mom jeans and a cropped shirt is a trendy and practical outfit for a day filled with movement. To accessorize, layered jewelry and Borgs were the go-to.

Now what is a Borg? The answer is simple; a Borg was the staple of 2022 Block Party. A 64oz jug that initially housed water. All that is needed for a day drink is your alcoholic beverage of choice and the liquid water enhancer, MIO. This simple concoction was the go-to beverage for students and guests. Some clever party goers went the extra mile and matched their beverage with their attire.

A good outfit stands out from head to toe. The sun is draining without a signature pair of sunglasses, so Bloomsburg residents came prepared. Cat eyeglasses, aviators, ray bands; the most prominent were the Kurt Cobain clout goggles. Clout glasses were a trend the student body carried over from 2019 and we’re not mad about it

Every outfit has a costly component, and it is typically the shoes. The very popular white Air Force 1s were still a go-to despite the muddy terrain. The most popular shoe was the platform heel. These shoes helped guests be able to navigate the mess while still following the everchanging fashion movement.

Students were cautious to follow the guidelines set in place for Block Party. The day was visibly less chaotic compared to previous years. Bloomsburg University is glad to have their monumental end of the year event back. Till next year, Bloomsburg!