The Voice Takes on Field of Screams

Ashley Barnett, Co-Managing Editor

On Saturday, September 10, 2022, members of The Voice were invited to attend Field of Screams annual Media and Hospitality Night. Staff members that attended were Sophie Davenport, Nicholas Spallone, and (myself) Ashley Barnett. None of us have ever been to the attraction before, so we were very excited to come into the event as first-time guests. 

Field of Screams is celebrating its 30th season this year. The Field of Screams attraction, located in Lancaster, PA,  first opened in 1993. Brothers, Gene and Jim Schopf, co-own Field of Screams and have worked together with help from family members and staff to expand the field and with it, the screams.

Andrea Schopf (Jim Schopf’s wife and Bloomsburg University Alumnus) explained to us that Field of Screams began as a Haunted hayride and eventually evolved to have the Den of Darkness, the Asylum, and its newest attraction, added five years ago, Nocturnal Wasteland. 

Field of Screams has something for everyone. The scares channel different fears in order to ensure that no one leaves without a little fright. From the food to the atmosphere and the creatures that roam around, Field of Screams is the perfect destination to kick off fall spooky season.