Line Dancing Expands from Off-Campus to On-Campus

Carly Busfield, Howl Editor

A new fitness class has begun at the Student Recreation Center on Tuesday Nights. Inspired by Thursday Nights at Capitol Bar, Ryan Turner has taken it upon himself to start a Line Dancing class at the Recreation Center on Tuesdays from 6-7:15 within the Dance Studio room where the other classes are held. 

A trial run for the class was held on October 4, but the first official class started October 11. Five students plus Turner were present for the first class, but Turner hopes for a bigger turnout as word spreads. 

Turner holds a strong love for Thursday night Line Dancing at Capitol and began attending it each week about 8 or 9 months ago. Line Dancing at Capitol is taught by Brad Mertz. 

He shared, “After going for a while, I started to love it and couldn’t wait for Thursday nights to come. Now that I know a good amount of dances, I thought it would be an awesome idea to teach people and possibly make new friends! It also gives the people who aren’t 21 yet, that can’t go Line dancing on Thursday nights, the chance to do it as well.” He jokingly called it a “prerequisite”. 

How will Line Dancing class benefit its participants? In the beginning, Turner plans to take it at a slower pace to allow people to catch on. Yet, the selection has some faster tunes. 

He continued, “But as you get more advanced, you’ll definitely work up a sweat and might even find yourself breathing pretty hard, especially when we do the songs back-to-back. Either way, slow or fast, you’ll definitely get your steps in for the day!”