Make the Best of your College Career

As a BU senior, I understand how easy it is to fall behind and ignore the career and professional development that is vital for life after college. In fact, according to a New York Post survey, 73% of college grads say they want a ‘do-over’ to focus more on career prep during their college years.

Every student in every major struggles with the transition from college student to confident professional. Everybody. What do you want your life to be like? Do you know how to make that happen or what industry can offer your desired lifestyle? Have you decided on a career, but need experience to stand out or a bigger network to help you land that perfect position? Are you ready to climb but just need a bit more polish before you graduate?

But it doesn’t have to be such a trial. You’ve heard of Professional U, but how do you do Professional U?

A good start is to attend workshops like Resume and LinkedIn Networking labs that show you how to build your professional profile and how to stand out in the crowd. Career Connections Expos are open to students of every major and every class year to learn about potential careers, practice speaking with employers, and meet organizations looking to recruit Huskies for internships and professional positions. Consider big experiences like study abroad, internships, research, fieldwork, or creative activities that instill the kind of confidence employers will notice, and apply for a Professional Experience Grant (PEG) to help make those experiences happen even if you don’t think you can afford them. Never miss your college conference (CASSHCON, CATCH, ZIPD, and COST Pathways) so you can meet and talk with alumni in your desired field and get tips and advice on how to get paid for YOUR superpower. Get a Citizenship GP and explore your leadership style with Huskies LEAD or join a student organization related to your field. When it’s time, an etiquette dinner or the Career Intensive Boot Camp will provide that last-minute polish and everything you need to graduate confident and ready in one weekend!

The bottom line is this: The earlier you start, the easier it will be. Don’t wait until you walk to practice being a professional. Reach out to your professors for advice and opportunities, activate and update your Handshake profile to find career coaching, events, jobs and internships, and visit the Greenly Center downtown for access to the career closet and LinkedIn headshots.


So, how will YOU do Professional U?