Will Bloom Go Greek Again?


Photo from Eliza Nevis, the Voice Pictured above are the fraternity (Τ Σ Π) and soroity (Σ Σ Σ) houses on Lightstreet Road in Bloomsburg

Caleb Brown and Novalea Verno

On November 2, students across campus were greeted by emails sent out by the Dean of Students. The email contained a link to a survey with the aim of collecting student opinions and interest in a possible re-establishment of the sorority and fraternity programs. The survey contains three questions with the opportunity to provide comments and suggestions.  

Tom McGuire who is the Director of Communications and Media Relations was asked as to the reasoning behind the recent survey. He had this to say: “The survey represents a simple initiative to collect data. Integration has allowed us to review all policies and practices that impact the Commonwealth University, including Bloomsburg University to gather information as part of ongoing assessment.” 

He made no comment on possible future after the survey stating: “It would be premature to address any future state of fraternity and sorority life at Bloomsburg.”

It was announced back on May 13th, 2021 that the campus would be severing all ties with its sorority and fraternity program. Leaving these fraternities and sororities to continue without University involvement. Tom McGuire was also asked about why the disaffiliation occurred he replied: “There were continued violations of the Student Code of Conduct and non-compliance with established University standards for student organizational behavior.” 

The decision came after a bout of serious controversies that plagued the Greek Life Program. The original announcement of the disaffiliation came just a short time after the unfortunate death of University Sophomore Leah Burke. With a hazing report from the University revealing a plethora of alleged violations occurring from the years 2017-2021 ranging from hazing to reports of serving alcohol to underage students. 

Meanwhile, the reactions here on campus seem to be mixed at best. Most of the responses we received were from new students who either showed a lack of interest or cared not to comment. Freshman Kassidy Wagaman stated: “To be honest. I don’t really care.” We also spoke to another freshman. Jillian Miller who added: “I feel like even if it came back it would still be the same or even worse.” The survey will remain open to participation until midnight of November 21. All answers to the survey will be kept confidential.