Is Monty’s Doomed?

Carly Busfield, Howl Editor

Bloomsburg Dining Services is plagued by a lack of workers. Fortunately, the BU community was able to keep Roongo’s Café inside the Student Service Center once more. Nevertheless, gloomy faces fill Monty’s whether anyone has addressed it. Although it is faltering, this institution is in a prime location on the upper campus since residents have no other options closer. 

Monty’s consists of sections such as Smoked, Grille, Greens-to-Go, Zoca, and has other grab-n-go type items. The eatery was lucky enough to provide the full Grille section because that was negatively affected last semester. The grille button was “broken” for a long-time during fall semester which forced students to order limited options at the counter or from other sections. The establishment was also lacking in soup service, deeming it a “hit-or-miss” item [if it was even served] most of last semester.  

Although Monty’s employees try their best to satisfy consumers, the variety of options seems to be decreasing daily. Recently, they only had wings at Smoked during the afternoon, ran out of queso for nachos, and closed Greens-to-Go early in the evening. Monty’s has tremendous potential, but the staffing ratio is the opposite. The Aramark dining staff has been contacted regarding size of staff, quality, and efforts, but no responses have been received.  

Various students have complained about the current circumstances and the demeanor of said staff. Frustration rules the reign at the moment, and it is hard to defeat. The staff can be blunt with responses and queries, but they are also dealing with a plateful of issues. That does not take away from the fact that students may act the same due to similar frustrations. Where will any change come from?  

Louise, who was always busy cashiering at Monty’s has retired. She frequently spoke in the kindest tone with a friendly smile. Despite the negativity, she managed to make your last step of paying pleasant. Now, she is not even there. The workers are stuck spending time reassuring students that they are doing their best under these conditions.  

Maxwell Plotkin, a sophomore resident of JKA, does not frequent Monty’s often even though he lives on upper campus. He is “disappointed in its service and quality in terms to cost.” He thinks Scranton Commons is much better-quality food. The real question is: Is Monty’s worth the money?  

The eatery was in its prime two years ago when late-night services were still provided. Boneless wings, munchies, and great vibes filled the atmosphere. Now, it is struggling to make all ends meet. No late night, less food items, and many changes have plagued Monty’s in the last two years since the Covid-19 pandemic.  

All dining establishments, whether they are restaurants, residential, family-owned, or a large corporation, are suffering from this under-staffing ailment. Can we find a cure and fill staff? Will Monty’s ever improve? If more workers come around, we may see a change. But, for now it will continue to do what it can.