Learn to LEAD

Alumni and Professional Engagement, Contributing Writer

Are you interested in gaining professional experience, building your skillset, and exploring your unique leadership potential? Even if you just want to network with alumni and beef up your resume, consider the Huskies LEAD program!

Learn. Experience. Apply. Develop. These concepts are the cornerstones of this program designed to create opportunities for students of all backgrounds on YOUR path to success. Want to be a more effective classroom teacher or business manager? Planning on leading a research team, editorial staff, or owning your own business? Think you’ll end up in sales or managing a radio station? Huskies LEAD is for you! Students in any major will benefit from this program because leadership skills are critical to becoming successful in any position in every industry.

So, what you will gain exactly? Conversations with alumni who will help you practice networking and professional communication, so you impress at every interview; Insight into your strengths and challenges as a leader with suggestions on how to work with others of different styles; How to set goals and reach them while avoiding common pitfalls and blind spots, and the opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice with a service project that will beef up your confidence and your resumé.

And, in case you still need a reason, you also get a Citizenship GEP.


The first event is Leadership Confidence on February 15 and more leadership labs continue throughout the semester, so sign up today via the events page on Handshake and search “LEAD”.