Kieron Smethers: Mass Communications

What major are you?
 I am a Mass Communications major.

Can you explain your experience here at Bloomsburg University?   

My experience here at Bloomsburg University has been amazing. Where great friends turn to family and understanding professors have made all the difference. Without them, my experience would be completely different and difficult. My time here has been memorable. I wouldn’t change it for the world.
After graduation, what’s next?  

 My goal in life is to become a sports analyst. Therefore, I will be working towards that goal.

What is something you wish to share that you feel is important to mention?    

Playing football here at BU has been life changing and a dream for me. I have a lot of love for the game and these experiences I’ve shared with friends over the years are priceless to me.  

What are some of your words of advice?    

Make sure to love whatever you want to do in life, because that makes waking up a whole lot easier.