Kayla Haskins: Deaf/HH and Early Childhood Education with a minor in ASL

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The Voice asked Kayla Haskins about her path here at Bloomsburg University, and this is what she had to say.

What is your major?

Dual Deaf/HH and Early Childhood Education with a minor in ASL.

How would you describe your social network here at BU?

Over the four years I have spent at Bloomsburg, I have made new friends and had experiences that I never thought I would have. Within my program, I have made bonds with peers that I never thought I would have.

 I have also started some wonderful friendships through clubs/organizations I have joined. Throughout my four years here, I have always found a way to establish connections with those who have previously graduated from BU.

These kinds of friendships are well worth making, and swapping stories about how BU and times spent long ago. With these new relationships built and people at home, I created for myself a beautiful support system.

How have you been able to personally grow in the last four years?

I joined Protestant Campus Ministry my freshman year. This group allowed me to grow in my faith while I was away at college, and bond with amazing brothers and sisters in Christ.

How have you been able to thrive here at BU?

I auditioned and was accepted in the Sign Language performance group IMAGE my sophomore year. In this group, I made countless friends and learned so much about American Sign Language.

This was an absolute must, certainly helped me survive all of those stressful times during the semester….when I thought for sure I wanted to drop-out or was going to fail (we all know THAT feeling). However, they were also there to celebrate the small accomplishments with me.

How are you moving forward after graduation?

I am a senior in the program, so graduation is right around the corner! My ultimate goal is to earn my certification in Deaf/HH and ECE education. The dream is to become a full-time Teacher of the Deaf in a Deaf school.

What would you tell incoming students?

Friendships start in the most unlikely of places and times. Don’t be scared to make those weird connections (commenting on someone’s awesome shirt, a pin they have on their backpack, or a song they are listening to, etc) with strangers….Because they could possibly become your best friend.