Meet The Voice: Ed Murphy: Photography Editor

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He likes his coffee black, his music slow and his whiskey straight. Our photo editor Ed Murphy hails from DELCO and graduated from Garnet Valley in 2016.

Ed has been working for at The Voice since his freshman year as an assistant photo editor in the spring of his freshman year. He was then elected to become the section editor at the end of his sophomore year. He also became the circulation director in the fall of his sophomore year and has continued the job into his junior year.

 He came to Bloomsburg in the fall of 2016 as a secondary education major, but quickly discovered that education was not the right career path for him. With a little persuasion from his friends, he soon decided to try and make his hobby a profession as he changed his major to studio art with a concentration in photography. He plans on continuing his career in news by attending The University of Texas for a master’s degree in photojournalism.
Ed spends the majority of his days working on his art studio projects. His work usually involves either nature or industry. His best work was a photo series about travels to nature or his performance art project where he portrayed a stereotypical blue-collar man. When he isn’t working on studio projects, you can usually find him somewhere on upper campus shooting photos of sports. His favorite sport to shoot is football in the fall and baseball in the spring. When not working for The Voice, or at his job at Ruby Tuesday’s, or on school projects, he likes to spend his mornings down at the river drinking his coffee and listening to music.

 Ed is an avid listener to the majority of Barstool Sports podcasts. He also enjoys most genres of music but especially likes folk and bluesy rock. He is also a devout Eagles fan. He lives and dies with the birds every Sunday. His favorite memory of the super bowl winning team is when he was at the parade and Chris Long shook his hand and shot gunned a beer right in front of him.

Ed is a pretty easy guy to find on campus. He always has some kind of Eagles gear on, headphones in, and a pair of beat up Chuck Taylors. He can be found on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in The Voice office ranting about why DELCO is the best and arguing with the rest of the staff about anything and everything.

After school is all done and over with, he hopes to find a job with a magazine or newspaper that will allow him to travel. He wants to share his images of different cultures, wars and landscapes with the world. He wishes to give the most true and accurate depictions of different lifestyles than most are unfamiliar with. He would also be content working as a grouter with his Latino buddies.

Even though he bickers with all of The Voice staff, he loves the family environment on production nights and wouldn’t want to spend his nights any other way. Ed hopes that his friendships he has made through the paper will last a long time after his time at Bloomsburg is over.

The biggest piece of advice he can give is to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Try things that are out of the normal. See where it takes you. If it doesn’t work out, it’s nothing that a box of wine can’t fix.