The Study opens for business

Brooke McCoy, Managing Editor

The Study Bar held its grand opening on Friday, Sept. 14 in downtown Bloomsburg. The new bar is a remodeling of the well-known Hardware Bar on Main Street.

Hardware Bar was a popular spot for Bloomsburg University students, but it closed for remodeling at the end of the Spring 2018 semester. Over the summer, the owner, Justin Hummel, decided a new, softer look and a new mood was needed.

The goal of The Study is to give a softer, more comfortable feel than Hardware, and make 21+ students more comfortable coming in and hanging out. While interviewing Hummel, he chuckled and said he just hopes “students don’t get the wrong feel and show up with books and start a chess club.”
Many students stopped in and had their own opinions on the changes. When asked about her experience at the new bar, senior Psychology major, Tricia Martin “really enjoyed the because it was chill in the front because of all the couches, but they kept the stage in the back so there was a lot of dancing. The basement didn’t change much but that’s okay because it’s still really cool.”

Senior Shane Riff, a Business major, said The Study “tries to combine a high-class atmosphere with a traditional college bar, it’s pretty unique and I hope it succeeds.”

Some students feel different about the changes, a student that wishes to remain unnamed said that they aren’t a “fan of the new remodel, because it’s trying too hard.” In addition, other students said they wished it was more of a sports bar to hang-out at, and they didn’t get the point of the name, if they weren’t supposed to use the place as a meet up spot for group projects.