‘A Taste of the Arts’ soothes BloomU midterm blues

Holly Janze, Staff Writer

     CLANG. A Bloomsburg University student jumps out from a seat in the audience, a drum-like instrument in their grasp. Further across the room, another student jumps up, playing another instrument.

     This continues until an intimate group of people come together from all corners of the room, creating a small circle where they play a variety of percussion instruments demonstrating the music of India, West Africa and the Middle East.

     Led by Dr. Howard, the beat goes from slow to fast to upbeat and softer. This is just one of the many events which took place earlier this month in downtown Bloomsburg at the Caldwell Consistory. I was pleasantly surprised with all that “A Taste of the Arts” offered, ranging from the Percussion Ensemble (mentioned above) to theatre performances and even speakers presenting their creative writing pieces.

     As the light from the pleasant day outside shone through the windows, Bloomsburg University students presented works of art they were proud of and deserve acknowledgement for.

     The Creative Writing Program was exceptional with two Bloomsburg students reading excerpts from their pieces, including Hannah Boudreau’s reading of her story “Sunflower Diaries,” a story from a boy’s point of view who is affected by autism and happens to have a strong infatuation with sunflowers. Another well put-together performance from the Theatre department was heart-warming and attention-grabbing.

     Although each event only lasted between ten and fifteen minutes, they were fun and entertaining, leaving the audience with a lot to talk about. One of my favorite songs performed by the Choir was the song “The Road Home,” which has a folk type of music about returning home after wandering away.

     Ultimately, the experience was pleasurable and I would definitely attend more art events by Bloomsburg students.

     Additionally, there was a great assortment of food and drinks offered, not to mention three different types of cheese including Swiss, Gouda, and Pepper Jack. Who doesn’t love a good snack of Pepper Jack cheese?

     The artwork stayed up throughout the duration of the show, allowing people to look at each piece of art at their own pace. The Caldwell Consistory hosts a few events like this throughout the semester ranging from Tree Fest to plays and concerts, which are definitely worth attending.