The Eyes of Security

Marializ Guzman, Contributing Writer

      If someone exploring Bloomsburg’s campus were to pause while in a building and look around, maybe specifically up, they likely would find a security camera staring right back at them. On the Bloomsburg University campus, there are several security cameras placed in every building; some having more than others. People may find them even in the dormitories, although they are more common in the newer buildings.

      The University has been consistently adding more security cameras on campus, but what often students tend to forget are the following questions: Are the cameras always watching? And if so, what are is being caught on those tapes?

      Security cameras are mainly for the safety of faculty, students, or civilians who visit the campus. Despite popular belief, no one continuously watches or reviews the footage filmed on security cameras, but there is always the potential of crucial evidence being caught on film. Just like most things in life, no security system is full proof.

      Some people say that security cameras have a negative connation to them as they say they feel as if their privacy is slightly in danger. But here on campus, the cameras are something all members of community should be able to rely on.

      Officer Scott Levan states that many cases have been solved with the usage of footage, including a certain case about a car being hit. Security cameras can help in many situations, although he did give an anecdote of a story about a student who entered the Haas building for some classes, while possessing illegal drugs on him.

      At some point, while walking throughout the building, the drugs fell out of his pocket unknowingly. Now the officers could see the exact moment the student lost his ‘prized’ possession and could also see the student come back into the building and search frantically, unbeknownst that a group of officers could see him.

      Perhaps the next time a student finds themselves dancing alone or singing a tune in the hallway, they will rethink getting down, never knowing who is watching. And hopefully the students and faculty will know they can rely on the security camera system, because it is here for our safety, and only improving as time progresses.