Get involved in the speech community through BU’s NSSLHA

Meagan Malesic, Staff Writer

       Getting involved in organizations on campus can be one of the best decisions an undergraduate can make.  Senior student Kacey Bodden couldn’t agree more.  Kacey, a speech-pathology major, is the current president of the BU chapter of NSSLHA, which stands for the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association.  NSSLHA is a pre-professional student organization, specifically geared towards students in the speech pathology and audiology majors on campus.  “I love that I have this organization that is specifically for my major,” Kacey says.  “I feel like it helps all of us bond and get to know each other outside of the classroom setting.”

       The BU chapter of NSSLHA is dedicated to raising awareness about communication disorders by working with local organizations and university resources.  The organization strives to offer a plethora of opportunities for undergraduate members by providing leadership, pre-professional, and social events.  Additionally, NSSLHA encourages unity of its members, as well as provides opportunities for students to work alongside faculty mentors throughout their time at BU.  The BU chapter of NSSLHA also received the honor of being the Student Organization of the Year in 2016. It is recognized nationally by the national NSSLHA organization as having completed the requirements in order to achieve the highest chapter honors of “Gold Status”.  This honor establishes the BU chapter of NSSLHA as a very dedicated and involved section of the organization.

       NSSLHA is one of the more involved organizations at BU.  They organize a variety of fundraisers throughout the year, raising money for both local members of the community as well as for their national mission, the NSSLHA Loves campaign.  The primary goal of this fundraising is to not only raise awareness for speech, language, and hearing disorders, but to also provide financial assistance for those affected by these communication disorders within the wider community.  For Kacey, this is one of the best parts of being an active member of NSSLHA.  “I think it’s really important for organizations on campus to help people in need,” she says. “I’m really proud that we’re able to do what we can with the money that we raise”.

     Additionally, NSSLHA actively participates at service events on campus.  Coming up, you can find NSSLHA members participating at the Bloomsburg University Dance Marathon, which is hosted by the Bloomsburg Dance Ensemble, and is taking place this Saturday at the Nelson Field House from 12 – 6 p.m.  NSSLHA members are volunteering to participate in the dance marathon in order to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network.  This is just one of the many events that NSSLHA partakes in throughout the semester, as service is a central part of their mission.

       Many members who participate in NSSLHA also agree that this organization was a central part of their college experience, and view it fondly.  “It is a wonderful organization that supports a variety of members within our community, especially children”, senior general member Kaitlyn Graver shares.  One of her  most heart-warming memories of NSSLHA’s involvement happened a few years ago, when the organization helped a fellow college student in need of help: “We raised a bunch of money to help a student who had a traumatic brain injury so that we could help her get treatment and pay medical bills”.  Clearly, NSSLHA’s outreach in the community truly can change lives and assist those who need it most.

         If you’re a part of the speech-pathology and audiology majors at BU, and want to help those most affected by communication disorders, perhaps checking out NSSLHA is the best decision you could make.  For more information on this organization and how you can get involved, feel free to search up their Facebook, Bloomsburg NSSLHA, or check out their website,